Laughing Roly Poly Mittens The Cat

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Laughing Roly Poly Mittens The Cat

This cute and cuddly plush cat loves a joke! ; ; Do you know anyone that says “LOL” when they’re emailing or chatting online? What about “ROFL” the more extreme version that says you’re “Rolling on the floor laughing”? ; ; Featuring beautiful soft plush fur and a friendly face that’ll appeal to anyone. If you wave your hand in front of this amiable animal’s face he’ll react by laughing uproariously and really rolling around on the floor. ; ; Well this fluffy friend certainly finds everything hilarious and spends all of his time doing just that – rolling around on the floor laughing! His laugh is so contagious he’ll soon have you laughing too! When you see this little guy rolling around on the floor giggling and guffawing with joy you’ll just have to join in! ; ; If you’ve never heard a cat laugh before or seen one ROFL-ing this is your chance! You’ll probably want to join in! Designed in Italy and hand-made for absolutely top-quality construction and realistic laughter the Laughing Cat will soon have everyone around laughing at his antics. ; ; Perfect for anyone that loves cute animals loves a good laugh or who uses the term “ROFL” far too much!

Price : £ 7.49

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