Neet® HDMI TRUE MATRIX – 4 Input 2 Output Switch / Splitter – v1.3b – 1080p Full HD – Distribution Amplifier

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Product Description
This Neet high performance HDMI Matrix is a type of HDMI switch & splitter combined which allows you to connect 4 HDMI source devices (eg PS3 / Bluray / Sky HD) and send HD video + audio to 2x HDTV, projector or any HDMI enabled displays… The Matrix routes full high definition video in multiple resolutions up to 1080p (and 1440p) plus multichannel digital HD audio from any of the four HDMI sources to two HD displays … Each source is then accessible at all times by any display by selecting it with the IR remote. ie: each display can be showing a different HD source to the other one and the sources can be switched at any time at the push of a button … simple. >>>>>>> PLEASE NOTE ::: For routing HD video & audio via any type of HDMI Switch, Splitter or Matrix device we strongly recommend using high quality, well shielded HDMI cables no matter what length you are running. Neet advanced HDMI v1.3 Cat2 cables are made using advanced materials to the latest HDMI certified specifications and are manufactured to the very highest standards… Neet Cables are available from 0.5m to 15m direct from our Amazon storefront… our exclusive range includes GENUINE 24awg 10m and 15m high performance leads. >>>>>>> ALL NEET PRODUCTS COME WITH OUR EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE and our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  • The HDMI Matrix routes High Definition video in multiple resolutions up to 1080p & 1440p plus multichannel digital HD audio from any of four HDMI sources to two HD displays … Each source is accessible at all times on any display by IR remote selection.
  • HDMI v1.3b – Supports DTS Master Audio & Dolby Digital TrueHD – Supports ALL HDTV advanced features :: 100 – 600hz / x.v.Colour / Deep Colour
  • 24k Gold connectors – HDMI outputs are amplified to ensure ZERO HD SIGNAL LOSS for pure digital quality over long cable extensions (Note: High Spec HDMI cables required – eg: Neet® Black Line)
  • Full Metal Housing – Simple Plug & Play – HDCP compliant / HDMI certified / ATC tested / RoHS compliant / FCC and CE approved – Power comsumption : 10watts (max) – 5vDC PSU Included *** NEET Specialist support and LIFETIME WARRANTY ***
  • IMPORTANT NOTE :: High Spec HDMI cables are strongly recommended for use with any type of switch or splitter – Neet® Advanced High-Speed HDMI Cables are available.

Neet® HDMI TRUE MATRIX – 4 Input 2 Output Switch / Splitter – v1.3b – 1080p Full HD – Distribution Amplifier

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J. T. Penver
at 9:54 pm

I use the Neet HDMI Matrix to switch 4 sources between two displays, and it works perfectly. I had a problem with previous auto-switching devices that were triggered by a PVR waking to record, so went for this manual/remote device instead. I have a TV and projector in the same room so don’t use the full matrix feature as such, but know it works.

The remote control is very simple and easy to add to my Harmony One multi-remote. The matrix handles my 1080p @ 60Hz signals without a glitch, and everything up to that.

Sometimes some of my devices take a while to warm up, so the switch needs to be told again to use a source, as it seems to go back to sleep if a chosen source is off when it selects it. Just allow for this with a delay in your multi-remote settings.

Neet have been very helpful when contacted about their products, so I felt secure ordering from them again.
Rating: 5 / 5

UK Expat
at 12:42 am

Great product. Easy to set up and use and no deterioration in picture quality.

Something to remember with HDMI – the audio is not excellent. For good audio you need to run a seperate stereo audio cable – if you are splitting an output from an Apple (eg mac mini in my case) you don’t get any audio from the output so you have to run an audio cable.

Also, as mentioned in other reviews switching between inputs is manual – not difficult and there is a remote but still something to be aware of.

Would definately recommend.

Rating: 4 / 5

Mr. Alistair Gayler
at 1:41 am

Fantastic piece of kit – saved me a packet, as I would have had to re-plaster my wall! Despite only being 3 years old, my LCD has only 2 HDMI ports, only one was provisioned and sunk in to the wall by the fitter. I now have my Blu ray and sky set up, with capacity for 2 more HDMI items if necessary as well as an extra LCD (no chance, the GF would do her nut). It is worth mentioning that this product has visibly improved the picture quality of Sky. Don’t ask me why, it just has. Easy to set up as well, just plug it in and go. Highly recommended.

As previously mentioned, the lights on this box are very bright, but don’t let that put you off.
Rating: 5 / 5

Andy Samms
at 1:48 am

This switchbox allows you to connect 4 inputs and have these split to 2 tv’s.

Instead of trying to use a 3 to 1 and then to a 1 to 2 splitter, which in my case

did not work with a ps3, i decided to buy one of these.

The box does not switch over inputs automatically, it is purely manual.

So after switching on the tv and the component to be played, by selecting on the supplied remote the appropriate number of the device,(the remote is divided into two halves. Top half for tv1. Bottom half for tv2), it will then connect.

I have 3 components connected at the moment including sky HD and it works everytime.

Has also got an on/off switch at the front of the box to switch off when not in use. Remote has power too to put into standby.

LEDS on the front tell you what inputs are receiving a signal

The only thing i don’t like so much is that the leds on the front are way too bright.

Rating: 5 / 5

Soofian Patel
at 2:46 am

Excellent box. Worked exactly as advertised, no surprises. Seems to pass through original source to destination. No need to reconfigure screens. Tested with 720P and 1080P output from DVI to HDMI via PC, also 1080P from Humax PVR box with digital sound. IR control has individual buttons for each combination of input and output, so easy to learn signals and define on my harmony remote.
Rating: 5 / 5



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