Flying Monkey – The Flying Monkey Slingshot

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Flying Monkey - The Flying Monkey Slingshot

Flying Monkey The Flying Monkey will ease your stresses and become your new fast-flying-friend as he flings through the air at dizzying heights! Whether the Flying Monkey is trying to be the next Albert II (the first monkey in Space don’t you know) or thinks himself as a primitive Superman with his cape and mask, he promises you cheeky monkey business and a whole load of laughs! Whether you’re playing King of the Swingers flinging your furry Flying Monkey from tree top to tree top or just goofing about with the Flying Monkey in the office, you’ll turn heads as the screeeeeeeaming monkey yelps out his happy little call as he whizzes into the air! A flying ape in a cape isn’t something you see every day, so order one today! About The Flying Monkey The Flying Monkey is an incredibly cute and speedy slingshot Flying Monkey which can fly up to 50ft and releases a happy screeching noise as he flings into the air! The Flying Monkey is apricot and chocolate brown coloured and wears a little bandit mask and cape! The Flying Monkey flies by you putting your fingers in the finger-pockets and then pulling back on the feet and releasing! The Flying Monkey is made from a material which may cause irritation to sensitive skin The Flying Monkey flies at high speeds – please act sensibly and aim it away from people, pets and breakables The Flying Monkey is suitable for ages 7+ years, though adult supervision is recommended at all times The Flying Monkey measures approximately 30 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm The Flying Monkey is also available in two other animals! Click onto related links to view the Flying Pig and Flying Chicken – miss it, miss out! It’s pretty safe to say that when you’re in dire need of rescuing, you’d either call the police or send for an ambulance. But what if you were in the middle of the jungle with no surrounding roads, coppers or any sign of the big green cross? Da-dada-dada –da Da-dada-dada-dada-da it’s the Flying Monkey! Flying in to rescue your boredom and stress, the bizarre and brilliant Flying Monkey comes ready for any action he’s flung at in his shiny black mask and silky black cape! We’re not sure whether he was captured and sold to Find-Me-A-Gift from a budding clan of conspiring bank-robbing monkeys or somehow managed to get his little hands on some kinky bondage gear… Who cares though, the main thing is that here’s here and raring to go! Rest assured that as extreme as the Flying Monkey looks, he’s up to no terrorist monkey business and doesn’t come packed with batteries ready to run out! Oh no, the Flying Monkey works simply and greatly from the power within your fingers! Simply slot your index, pinkie or thumbs into the Flying Monkey’s trusty little pockets, pull back on his ridiculously stretchy limbs then let set him freeeeeeeeeeeeeee into the wilderness of your home or office! The yelping screeching piercing pitch that the Flying Monkey cries out can only mean he’s loving all the attention he’s getting as he glides through the air like a more nimble King Kong! Use your Flying Monkey with precision, because if aimed right, he’ll be able to crash-land into your colleague across the room and remind them it’s their turn to offer the biscuits round! Or why not purchase a troop of Flying Monkeys, climb up a steep hill and set them freeeeeeeee like little lemmings! When word gets around that we’re selling off costumed Flying Monkeys at this ridiculously low price, we’ll either sell out quicker than peanuts at the zoo, get closed down by the local coppers or be hounded by a gypsy circus. Better get ordering today then! What’s in the Flying Monkey packet? 1 x Flying Monkey Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Flying Monkey

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