Laser Sphere

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Laser Sphere

When the stresses of the working day become too much or even if the stresses of being a student become too err… cosmic the Laser Sphere is a supremely psychedelic way to chill out. Projecting all kinds of freaky-good laser patterns onto the ceiling you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a Pink Floyd show (Piper At The Gates Of Dawn-era Floyd that is none of that Wall rubbish). Just plug it in when you’re in need of a cosmic pick-me-up and let the day float away… It comes with a removable lid so that if you should feel that way inclined you can confine the laser to the sphere itself or let all those reds blues greens purples and whatever else fill up the whole room. So whether the moment needs a little bit of quiet ambience or a full-on sensory explosion this colour-phasing little life-lightener has got you covered. Covered in goooood vibes obviously. Perfect for the bedroom the lounge or even outdoors (though don’t expect to be able to see the colours reflect off the lunar surface) the Laser Sphere is one of our favourite ways to totally relax. Man.

Price : £ 24.99

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