The Magic Wand TV Remote Control

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The Magic Wand TV Remote Control

Bring the magic home… This amazing Wand Remote Control can control your TV and most other electronic things that work via a remote; making you appear to be able to perform some pretty incredible magic tricks. Ever since Harry Potter landed we secretly yearned to be part of the magical world of Witchcraft and Wizardry and now with this wand we’re a step nearer almost. Cast spells to control the TV: flick from channel to channel control the volume and much more. All you have to do is train your wand into learning these commands so you will soon be turning your telly box on and off with a flick of the wand no boring remote needed. After you’ve learnt the basics (it takes a few practice sweeps to get the hang of it) you’ll be able to program your wand to control the volume channel brightness or whatever your usual remote can do. A turning motion will control the volume a sweep up or down will move the channel forward or back a step and even double-tapping on the side will perform whatever you assign it. In all there are 13 different motions to learn and each one can be given a separate task to complete. To do this put your wand into ‘learning mode’ by giving it a quick tap perform the move you want and then press the corresponding key on your remote. The wand remembers it and performs it the next time you do the same move. It’s difficult to emphasise how much fun this is and how cool the effect is when you’re merrily commanding all and sundry around you. The Stereo the TV the computer the lights anything that needs flicking on or off in the room can be controlled by a wave of your wand. Let the sorcery commence! Features: Controls any infrared device most electronics that use a remote control – TVs Stereos etc Can control multiple devices not limited to one The wand can learn 13 commands in total Program the wand by putting it in learning mode performing an action and pressing the corresponding key on the remote control Learns via infrared codes from remote control Sleep mode function after 60 seconds of wand inactivity works on touch Comes packaged in its own beautifully decorated case Requires 2x AAA batteries (included) Suitable for ages 8+ Please note: instructions for the wand are only available in English Full range of 13 actions: Rotate clockwise Rotate anticlockwise Flick upwards Flick downwards Flick left Flick right Tap on top Tap on side Double tap on top Double tap on side Push forward Pull back Big swish Size: Dimensions: 36 x 2.3 x 2.3cm (wand) Dimensions: 39 x 6.5 x 3.5cm (box) – R.K.

Price : £ 44.99

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