Undercover Mini Sleeve

Posted by Notcot on Nov 1, 2010 in Gadgets |
Undercover Mini Sleeve

The Undercover Mini Sleeve does for your iPod, iPhone or other personal piece of paraphernalia what the undercover laptop sleeve did for your laptop. Basically, it’s a rather nifty little device that allows you to surreptitiously transport your dinky electricals around in what appears to be a battered old postal envelope. That means your iPhone, your iPod, your external hard drive, your mobile, your camera… pretty much anything you can jam in there that’s of value. The cute in-jokes give it away completely (who’s going to believe that ‘Hard Drive’ is an actual road?!), but at first glance this is nothing more than a tatty envelope. No-one will have the slightest clue that you could be potentially carrying around something rather valuable, so worry no longer about potential theft. It’s got some pretty good padding too, so whatever you put in there will be nicely protected.

Price : £ 8.99

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